Ryan Reynolds had a hilarious response to Disney's merger with Fox

Ryan Reynolds had a hilarious response to Disney's merger with Fox

Remember when Ryan Reynolds played The Green Lantern? Yeah, me neither. The actor has become totally synonymous with the wisecracking, fourth-wall busting, anti-hero Deadpool. It really is perfect casting. The R-rated 2016 film about the "merc with a mouth" was a huge hit, proving that comic-book movies don't have to be family-friendly. They can be profane, subversive and wickedly self-deprecating.

Clearly, Deadpool is Ryan Reynold's spirit animal. It's hard to tell where the character ends and the actor begins. For example, in a promo for an upcoming appearance at Comic-Con in Brazil, he recorded a video in character saying he would bring a "moderately trained" tattoo artist to the event to ink up fans. When the actor tweeted the video, he joked about tattooing his mom. Later, he posted a picture of the two on the red carpet, with her face covered in Deadpool tattoos.

Reynolds is often savagely funny on social media. He constantly trolls his wife, Blake Lively, by posting unflattering photos, or photos where she is almost entirely cropped out. Just recently, he trolled his brother with a very Deadpool-esque birthday message: "Jeff, if there was a fire and I had to choose a family member to save, obviously it’d be me." For some actors, movie roles are jobs, but Reynolds is basically cosplaying Deadpool 24/7 and fans love his hilarious commentary.

Today Walt Disney announced it is buying 21st Century Fox Inc. for $52.4 billion. Disney will own Fox's entertainment assets, while their other assets, like Fox News and Fox Sports, will become their own company. Now Disney owns Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel, and Fox. Clearly, one day Disney will own us all.

This merger may be scary news for people that hate big media monopolies, but it's very exciting news for comic book fans. By acquiring Fox' film production businesses, they own the rights to their many popular movie franchises, including X-Men, Fantastic Four and, most importantly, Deadpool. It opens up the possibility of those Marvel comic book characters becoming part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It's funny to think about a raunchy character like Deadpool owned by Disney, which has such a famously family friendly public image.

Reynolds poked fun at the Disney-Fox merger by sharing a hilarious photo on Twitter. It depicts Deadpool getting kicked out of Disneyland by security, with the caption: "Apparently, you can’t actually blow the Matterhorn." Fans loved the image and the risqué line, which was probably not approved by the mouse house's public relations team. Some nitpickers pointed out the Matterhorn is in Disneyland, not Disneyworld. Others posted impressive fan art imagining Deadpool as the latest Disney Princess (which really needs to happen.)

Previously, when the deal was just being rumored, Reynolds posted this tweet, joking about "sexual tension" between himself and Mickey Mouse.

In the replies on Twitter, some fans expressed concern over whether Disney would bowdlerize upcoming Deadpool movies, or if "The Matrix" would go after Reynolds for his sassy tweets. But there is probably nothing to worry about. Disney produces a lot of R-rated movies - much more than you think - and has taken excellent care of the Star Wars and Marvel franchises so far. With Deadpool 2 coming out in 2018, and Reynolds playing the character 24/7 on social media, we should see plenty of the "merc with the mouth" in the future.