Ryan Reynolds is turning one of Reddit's scariest stories into a horror movie

Ryan Reynolds is turning one of Reddit's scariest stories into a horror movie

Ah, Ryan Reynolds. Is there anything he can't do? If you'd seen any of Green Lantern, Blade: Trinity, the Proposal, or X-Men Origins: Wolverine, you'd probably say to me: "act." But in recent times, the Canadian wisecracker has finally made his mark on the Hollywood scene with Deadpool, who he was absolutely born to play.

Since then, he's been in the Hitman's Bodyguard, which was pretty funny, and with the upcoming Detective Pikachu looking like quite the film, it's fair to say that Reynolds is one of the biggest movie stars around at the moment. But he's just announced a new project that's rather different from anything that's come before.

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Rather than looking at comic books and popular video games, Ryan Reynolds is looking at the world of Reddit for his next movie project. Specifically, the subreddit /nosleep, where the scariest stories on the internet are told by Redditors around the world.

The one that's caught Reynolds' eye seems to be the Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine, which, according to author Jasper DeWitt, tells the tale of "an ambitious young doctor attempts to treat a mystery patient on the psych ward whose condition has bedevilled all previous comers, only to discover that the secrets surrounding this patient's care could cost him his sanity".

Ooooh. Sounds creepy, right? Ryan Reynolds seems to think so, because according to Variety, Reynolds' production company Maximum Effort came out on top in what was reported as a "very competitive" bidding war for the rights of the story, and they'll partner with Vertigo Entertainment to make the film.

Exciting stuff, isn't it?

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"So thrilled to be working with @VancityReynolds on this," said DeWitt, the author of this Reddit story who probably still can't believe his story's being adapted into a movie. At the moment, there are no directors or actors announced in the project (all we know is that Ryan Reynolds will be a producer), but there is some news for you film fans out there.

With this being a joint effort between Maximum Effort, New Regency, Vertigo Entertainment and Fox, there are people from each company assigned to help out to create the Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine, which I'm going to assume is a working title.

Liya Gao is the point girl for Vertigo Entertainment, which were founded in 2001 and have produced modern-day classics like the Departed, the Lego Movie and the 2017 adaption of Stephen King's IT. For New Regency, who produced 2018 movies Bohemian Rhapsody as well as Widows, we've got Natalie Lehmann.

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Jeremy Kramer will handle things for Fox, while for Maximum Effort, Reynolds will hand over to George Dewey and Patrick Gooing to supervise the project. This is one of many films that Ryan Reynolds is making with Fox, with a new version of Clue, Free Guy as well as a stoner version of Home Alone (called Stoned Alone).

I'm not familiar with the subject matter involved in the Reddit Story, but if Ryan Reynolds is involved, then I'm definitely interested in hearing more about it.