A scary scene from 'Thomas & Friends' is freaking people out

A scary scene from 'Thomas & Friends' is freaking people out

What kind of television did you watch growing up? Were you more of a Power Rangers kid, or did the various offerings on Nickelodeon have more of an influence in your Saturday morning activities? Did you like Digimon, or did Pokémon encourage you to be the very best, that no-one ever was?

Growing up in the 90s and early 2000s, you weren't exactly starved of choice when it came to engrossing television, but one program that has garnered somewhat of a strange reputation is Thomas & Friends. Most people who watched the show will look back on it fondly, but I don't get why; Thomas the Tank Engine is seriously messed up.

Revisiting the show as an adult, it's unsettlingly clear to see that the whimsical program I remember was in fact a totalitarian nightmare. Trains work themselves almost to death in order to meet the callous whims of the Fat Controller, putting themselves in mortal peril in the process, and these terrifying scenes were all chillingly narrated by Ringo Starr, arguably the worst of the four Beatles.

To be honest, I have no idea why it's so warmly remembered by children across the world, and the re-emergence of this scene from Thomas & Friends finally signals to me that the wider population is now wiser to the dystopian horror story that we all inexplicably watched as children.

Come with me on a terrifying and regrettable journey down Memory Lane, as we revisit episode three of Thomas & Friends. In this episode, Henry, one of the aforementioned 'friends', refuses to go to work in case the rain ruins his nice paint job. What does the Fat Controller do? Supply him with an umbrella? Give a tender and educational pep talk about the benefits of hard work for the kids back home?

He imprisons Henry inside a tunnel, sealing him forever behind a brick wall and effectively burying him alive. Of course. Why didn't I think of that? In the original recording of the show, you even get Ringo Star helpfully narrating: “I think he deserved his punishment, don’t you?”, implying that Henry's reluctance to see his skin wash away in the rain was deserving of being buried alive forever.

You might suddenly and inexplicably feel very cold. The warmth in your soul may never return.

Unsurprisingly, when Twitter caught wind of this rather outrageous decision from the Fat Controller, they dug deeper, and they were pretty terrified by what they found.

So, uh, yeah, apparently this is quite a common occurrence in the show? Isn't that... fun. When I eventually have kids a few years from now, there are probably going to be way more shows to catch my young ones' attentions, but in case they want to know what Daddy grew up on, I'll probably show them this episode of Thomas the Tank Engine.

Not because I want to scar them, but because I want to warn them. It's one of the creepiest television shows out there, and I'm glad that everyone else is beginning to see that.