Stranger Things is renewed for season 3 and the reactions are hilarious

Stranger Things is renewed for season 3 and the reactions are hilarious

Bust out the Eggo waffles, cover your house in Christmas lights and take a polarizing trip to Chicago for a punk rock makeover! Netflix has officially renewed its hit science fiction series Stranger Things for a third season. Can the kids defeat the Mind Flayer? Will Eleven avenge her mother? Will the soundtrack of 1980's songs include Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up"? I hope so!

The second season came out on October 27, and that's also the same day we all finished it. Seriously. According to Nielsen, 361,000 people binged it on the first day, and after three days, 15.8 million people had watched the first episode. As one of Netflix's biggest hits, the renewal is no surprise, but still it's pretty exciting.

The only thing we know about the third season is that it will prominently feature Kevin Spacey. Just kidding. Kevin Spacey will not be involved with this show at all. We don't know anything about the third season, except that it will take place after a lengthy time gap, due to how quickly the children are aging. Matt and Ross Duffer, the show's creators, and known Demigorgons, explained their dilemma to Yahoo Entertainment.

“It will have to be somewhat of a time gap, because the kids are, I mean, they already look so much older,” said Ross Duffer. “When we were originally talking about Season 2, we wanted to just start it in Christmas and just go from there, but then we realized the kids are just too old, so we had to jump forward. Even the latest trailer, we had to loop a line with [Caleb McLaughlin, who plays Lucas]. He sounds like a man now. It creeps me out. He’s going to be driving to set next year.”

“It seems very wrong,” added Matt “The minute I see Caleb drive up, I’m probably going to pass out.”

Netflix hasn't announced a premiere date for Season 3. Nor have they announced whether or not their streaming service will ever be available in the Upside Down. (Right now the Upside Down only has Amazon Video. It's a real hell hole.) However, you can pass the time by reading these hilarious fan reactions about the season renewal from Reddit:

"Hopefully Steve will buy a minivan so it’ll be easier for him to drive all of his kids to science fairs and soccer practices."

"What’s next? Game of Thrones renewed for season 8?!?"

"Don't be crazy."

"Poor Will! How much more can that kid endure..."

"I'm looking forward to Stranger Things 9: The College Years"

"It's going to be the 90s soon. 11 will start saying cowabunga and it'll not be as awesome anymore."

All right, so season three isn't out yet. Reading those reactions didn't pass as much time as I hoped. Maybe you could try reading about these eleven details you missed in season two? Anyway, definitely eat waffles to celebrate. It's a scary world out there, with North Korea launching nuclear weapons, and 15,000 scientists issuing a "warning to humanity." We need our comfort food, and there's no better comfort food than Stranger Things. (cue awesome theme song)