The pizza-eating intern from the Cohen hearing is the internet's new favorite meme

The pizza-eating intern from the Cohen hearing is the internet's new favorite meme

Did you spend most of yesterday glued to the Cohen hearing just trying to make sense of what on Earth had been going on for the last 10 years of Micheal Cohen's career? Well, I did - and after spending six hours listening to the White House Oversight Committee verbally joust with Trump's personal "fixer", I still feel like I need to know even more.

And I'm not talking about the revelations about the Stormy Daniels and Karen McDougal pay-offs or Trump's alleged racist comments towards black voters - I'm talking about the one man who perfectly summed up how most of us were feeling watching the hearing: the pizza-eating intern.

Whilst CBSN were reporting live from the hearing, viewers spotted one very opportunistic young intern start scoffing his face with pizza in the hallway. It's live TV at its very best.

Check out the hilarious moment in all its cheesy glory in the video below:

After being told he's in the live shot, you can literally see the fear in the young intern's eyes. But he need not fear, as many people found his actions so darn relatable. But why were people so 'obsessed' with this young pizza-loving gentleman?

A tweet reading: 'I've only known about the guy for half a day, but I'm obsessed with the pizza intern from the Cohen hearing. I want to know more about him, anything at all. He's just so likable, it's scary. Completely enchanted.' Credit: Twitter / @J___Cal

Well, I personally believe that at a time of political unrest, unanswered questions, conspiracies, and social divide, sometimes all you need to do is just get away from it all and enjoy a few slices of pizza.

And it didn't take long for the hashtag '#HallwayPizza' to spawn on social media, and for the hungry congressional staff member to become perhaps the most relatable meme in recent memory:

Amazingly, somebody has even started a GoFundMe crowdfund in order to 'Buy the Pizza Intern More Pizza'.

So, the next time you're feeling down about the state of the world, or, y'know, American politics, you know what to do: follow in the cheesy footsteps of the pizza-eating intern and treat yourself to a slice (or the whole pizza - I ain't judging).