This is what the cast of 'Game of Thrones' looked like when they first started acting

This is what the cast of 'Game of Thrones' looked like when they first started acting

With our sights now set on season eight of Game of Thrones, by this point, it seems like we've known the cast our whole lives. We've been by Sansa and Arya's side the whole way, us and Little Finger are like this, and evil Queen Cersei? She's practically family by now!

However, the fact of the matter is, all of the Game of Thrones cast members had lives before they started on the fantasy drama show, and once upon a time, they were all even fresh-faced nobodies, eager to break into the Hollywood sphere. Hard to imagine, I know, but once you see these throwback pictures of what the cast of Game of Thrones looked like when they first started acting, you'll find it easier to believe.

Before she was Westeros' evil queen, Lena Headey made her film debut in 1992's Waterland

You may recognise him as Tyrion Lannister, but Pete Dinklage's breakout part was in 2003's The Station Agent

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau was in 1994 Danish movie Nightwatch before he was in Game of Thrones

You'll never forget Jack Gleeson as despised tyrant king Joffrey, but he was actually rather cute in Batman Begins

Rewind to the 90s and you'll find Jerome Flynn in a 90s band which stayed at number one with Unchained Melody for seven weeks in the UK

Diana Rigg has had a long and illustrious career in Hollywood and was even a Bond Girl back in her day in On Her Majesty's Secret Service

Natalie Dormer made her movie debut in 2005's Casanova before going on to hit our TV screens as Margaery Tyrell

Iain Glen is looking a little different in 1988s Gorilla's in the Mist

Emilia Clarke, on the other hand, looks more or less the same. But that's probably because she only had two TV roles before landing Daenerys, one of them being TV movie Triassic Attack

Conleth Hill was looking young when he starred in 90s British sitcom Blue Heaven

Nathalie Emmanuel is known by fans as Daenerys' right-hand woman, but her first ever role was on British TV show Hollyoaks

Jacob Anderson may look young, but he has been acting for 14 years now, since 2004

Can you even recognise Rory McCann in The Book Group? Where'd The Hound go?

Long before he became a heartthrob playing Jon Snow, Kit Harington was onstage in a production of War Horse

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