'X-Men' director would love Tom Hardy to play Wolverine

'X-Men' director would love Tom Hardy to play Wolverine

There are some roles in the acting world which only come once in a lifetime.

This can result in extreme possessiveness from the actors who made their names as certain characters, like Harrison Ford who said no one could replace him as Indiana Jones, or outrage from fans when an actor associated with another franchise gets a well-known role - Robert Pattinson deserves a chance as Batman!

This is the trailer for the new X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix:

Now, the latest famous face to get potentially cited for a famous role is Tom Hardy. For completely understandable reasons (I mean, the guy is hench), the director of X-Men thinks he'd be perfect as the next Wolverine.

And to be honest, I think Hugh Jackman, who is giving up his claws later this year, will approve.

Dark Phoenix director Simon Kinberg told GamesRadar:

"I can't imagine anybody but Hugh Jackman playing it… but if I think about actors who are just really interesting, and that I'd love to work with, Tom Hardy comes to mind; Richard Madden I think is a great actor."

Tom Hardy in a suit. Credit: Getty

In the event that Hardy was to land the role, this would not be the first time he has played a superhero, having already appeared as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises and in Marvel's Venom.

However, Kinberg believes that part of Jackman's magic was that, prior to the role, he was an unknown actor:

"One of the things that was so great about Hugh is that he was an unknown actor. He was a musical theatre actor from Australia that no one really knew," said Kinberg.

"So I think if ever there was going to be a new Wolverine, I think the best place to look would be to discover somebody new."

Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Credit: 20th Century Fox

In addition to Richard Madden's name being thrown into the hat as a possible Wolverine, Sophie Turner, star of Dark Phoenix, believes that Keanu Reeves could be the man for the job, Digital Spy reports.

"Well, I know they're kind of the same age, but I think Keanu Reeves would be a good Wolverine. I love me some Keanu Reeves," she said.

Dark Phoenix is set to be released on June 7.