Keanu Reeves is getting his own film festival

Keanu Reeves is getting his own film festival

There's no doubt that Keanu Reeves is one of the coolest actors in Hollywood. Seriously, this is the dude who's starred in countless classics, and hasn't aged a day in the meantime. Think about all the quality movies he's been involved in: The Matrix trilogy, John Wick, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and the John Wick movies. Not only that, but he's also well-regarded as one of the nicest dudes in Hollywood.

Which is probably why the man deserves a film festival devoted entirely to him, wouldn't you say? Well a group of film buffs intend to do just that and are going to launch something called Keanucon - a film festival celebrating a career spanning thirty years.

Check out this awesome trailer for the latest John Wick trailer: 

The festival, which has been organised by the cinephiles of Matchbox Cineclub, will be showing a number of Keanu Reeves movies back-to-back. The Macthbox Cineclub in Scotland previously launched the initiative Cage-a-thon: an overnight film festival celebrating Nicolas Cage.

Bearing in mind how memetic Keanu Reeves is, and how much the internet loves him, it's only natural that someone would launch the same thing for Keanu.

Movies featured in the festival include One Step Away, Permanent Record, My Own Private Idaho,  Speed, The Matrix, John Wick, Man of Tai Chi, Constantine, Challenge Death with Dice Roll Cafe, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey.

The news of this festival will surely make Keanu happy. After all, in a recent interview, the movie star revealed that he's actually quite a 'lonely guy.' Awww. Poor Keanu!