Kim Kardashian puts Kanye on 'daddy diet' ahead of expecting their third child

Kim Kardashian puts Kanye on 'daddy diet' ahead of expecting their third child

Unless you've somehow avoided all social media and news sources for the last couple of months, you're probably aware by now that Kimye are due to have another child very soon - but Kim K isn't the one carrying the baby. Though North and Saint West were both conceived naturally, Kardashian/West number 3 will join the celebrity clan by means of a surrogate.

Despite this, Kim is still working overtime in order to maintain her iconic figure, and she isn't going at it alone. As well as sticking to a strict diet and exercise routine, the reality TV star has also roped Kanye in to doing the same.

Speaking to The Sun, an anonymous source disclosed the intimate details of Kim's influence on Kanye, and what led her to crack down on his bad habits:

'Kanye’s had a very tough year, and he loves comfort food like mac and cheese, fried chicken, cheese burgers and home fries. Since his tour was cancelled and he’s in the studio all the time now, working, he’s not as active.

'But Kim wants him on top form for when their third baby arrives in January – she says with three kids to run around after, they’ll both need to be fitter than ever. She doesn’t want to put extra pressure on him, but she wants him to be feeling his best for the challenges of being a dad to three children.'

The source added that:

'Kim is an expert on diets and lifestyle at this stage - nothing she hasn't consulted experts on, so she knows the effect diet and working out have not just on the body but on the mind too. She has never looked better, and life is going pretty good for her these days - and now it's all about the new baby and the next chapter in life. She needs Kanye full of energy.

'So Kanye’s on a ‘daddy diet’ – or ‘lifestyle change to promote wellbeing’ – will see him work out three times a week, increasing to five times a week within six weeks.'

However, Kim's sisters are a little worried about her - especially as she made comments on Keeping Up with the Kardashians about the psychological issues she has surrounding her physical appearance.

'You take pictures [of yourself] and people just body shame you. It's like literally giving me body dysmorphia,' she said. 'I think I have to get out of my shell but I don’t want to, I like living this more chill life. I’ve become socially awkward for sure… I am so afraid of everything, anxiety, pressure.’

Kourtney commented that, 'If [Kim] just didn’t have access to social media or just stopped looking at the blogs, I think that she would start to feel better.'

And Khloe added that, 'I feel like one of the best things she did for herself after her Paris incident was she really detached herself from the internet and social media.'

As long as what Kimye are doing is for their family, it's probably for the best. However, if what the other Kardashians are saying is true, this could become more of a problem in the future. Fortunately, it sounds like they have a supportive group of people behind them to help welcome the newest baby K, and to ensure that Kim is as healthy as possible.