Fan absolutely slays on the guitar after being roasted by metal band live on stage

Fan absolutely slays on the guitar after being roasted by metal band live on stage

Is there anything worse than cocky musicians? I mean, I get it. They have the best job ever: playing to legions of adoring fans, touting the world, and yeah, girls absolutely love them. But, I think we can all agree that none of those things give them permission to act out in the way that many of them do.

Justin Bieber, for example, has arguably had more press coverage for his off-stage shenanigans than his musical ventures. The 23-year-old has repeatedly made headlines for his reckless behaviour; whether that be related to DUI charges, driving on an expired license, or resisting arrest.

And while these are all decidedly uncool things, I personally think that there's nothing worse than celebrities who are rude to their fans. The comedy, metal and glam rock band Steel Panther recently exhibited such behaviour, when they invited an audience member on stage just to roast them.

But, thankfully, karmic justice was swiftly served.

During a performance back in January, the largely satirical Steel Panther invited an audience member on stage. Now, the concert-goer had a rather outlandish request: to play one of the band member's guitars, but instead of flat-out refusing, Steel Panther choose to poke fun at him instead...

Watch a clip from the performance below:

After the unnamed man asked to play the frontman's guitar, the musician proceeded to respond: "you're going to f***ing come on this stage dressed like the Grinch who saved Christmas and f***ing ask to [play my guitar]." Now, whilst this was most likely said in jest, another band member started to tease the man about where he was from: "give him a chance, he's definitely from Santa Monica or something."

Eventually, Steel Panther allowed the eccentrically-dressed man to have a go at playing the guitar, but not without a warning, "before you put this thing on dude, this is a 250 dollar guitar. If you break a string you're buying it", the frontman cautioned the brave reveller.

Ultimately, however, it was Steel Panther that was made to look foolish, as the man absolutely killed it. 

While the band was absolutely stunned, the audience absolutely loved the performance and gave the man a lot of support. The video has now become quite the social media sensation. The YouTube clip has over a million views and a crazy amount of comments, all in praise of the anonymous man's courage and talent.

"Dude, this is surreal. If there is one downside to this, it's that no other day in your entire life is ever going to live up to these 4 minutes and 45 seconds," one YouTube user wrote, while another corroborated: "I should dislike this through pure jealousy".

It's evident that Steel Panther has their work cut out for them. I personally think they need to recruit this guy as their fifth member.