Korean tourist asks to join street musicians and absolutely kills it

Korean tourist asks to join street musicians and absolutely kills it

If you live in a city, however small, you will be used to seeing a plethora of street musicians throughout the day. Sometimes you can be surprised by the immense skill of the buskers, whether they are playing the violin, steel drums, or singing a ballad with nothing but a microphone. However, there are some who don't live up to the standards we want them to.

It's not really the bad musicians that get under my skin. I accept that I have no musical talent, so I can't be too harsh a critic of whether someone's voice is out of tune or whether their chord transitions are up to scratch. The ones that bug me to no end are the buskers that grab a guitar and play the same acoustic covers we have all heard a thousand times before.

We've all heard "Wonderwall" by Oasis done a multitude of times by now, whether it's at the end of a house party, a group of friends around a fire on the beach, or someone hanging out on the high street hoping to make a little money. Frankly, sometimes I can fantasise about smashing their guitars up much like John Belushi does in that infamous scene from National Lampoon's Animal House, though of course I would never actually do that...

While I've been lucky enough to see some great musicians play on the street from time to time, I have never seen something as good as this. First of all we can see an anonymous man, a Korean tourist on holiday in Florence, Italy, who could be any stranger amongst the crowd. But then he politely asks whether he can join in with a group of street musicians, and his takeover is phenomenal.

As the regular bass player stands off to the left (in the blue jacket), being genial enough to let the stranger use his huge contrabass, this tourist reveals himself to be a professional musician. His name is Jun-Hyuk Choi, and after he posted this video it went viral, amassing eight million views and over 50,000 likes.

With little more than letting the rest of the band know the speed he wants to play, the new trio launch into the jazz standard "Autumn Leaves", and the rest is history. The video starts getting shaky towards the end as the person filming can't resist tapping their feet, and you can hardly blame them.

People reacted to this footage with lots of enthusiasm, such as user Joe Cambo who commented: "I can't decide who to watch. All three are absolutely incredible". Another said that this was the "Best version of Autumn Leaves I have ever heard", while another put it best, stating: "Music has no borders! Its an international language".

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