Lance Bass announced 'NSYNC is reuniting for a special event

Lance Bass announced 'NSYNC is reuniting for a special event

Last week iconic 90's pop group The Spice Girls officially reunited, and it was reported there would be an international tour, causing fans around the world to shriek with joy. Then Victoria Beckham said no, there will be no tour, causing fans around the world to shriek with anger and inconsolable despair. But hold tight, 90's kids. Don't put your Doc Martens, crop tops and scrunchies back in the closet just yet. Another big pop group from your past is reuniting - "this I promise you." (Maybe.)

NSYNC was one of the biggest boy bands of the 90's, comprised of Chris Kirkpatrick, Joey Fatone, Lance Bass, JC Chasez and some guy named Jacob Tinderwood. Jason Tumbleweed? Justin Timberlake! Whatever happened to him? Oh yeah, he became one of the biggest pop stars in the world. (Or as they call it now, "Beyoncé-ing.") NSYNC took a "temporary hiatus" in 2002. But after Justin cried us a river and brought sexy back, that "temporary hiatus" lasted 16 long years.

At the 2018 Super Bowl, Justin performed during the halftime show, and many fans speculated there would be a surprise NSYNC reunion. After all, in 2013, Beyoncé played during the Super Bowl halftime show, and brought out Destiny's Child. (At least, the two members everyone remembers.) JT went on to crush his performance, performing a string of smash hits, but there was no sign of his old NSYNC bandmates. Just an awkward 13-year-old boy taking a selfie. The chances of a reunion appeared to go "Girlfriend." I mean "Bye Bye Bye."

But now the reunion is back, back, back (maybe, maybe, maybe). One of TMZ's sleazy stalkers ambushed Lance Bass on the sidewalk, after he had dinner with his husband in Beverly Hills. "I got to ask," said the paparazzo. "There was a bunch of fans disappointed, obviously, that NSYNC didn't perform at the Super Bowl...would there ever be a reunion, still?" "There's always a possibility, of course," replied Lance. "No, we're all getting together soon for - we're getting our star soon." "Do you have a date for that?" followed up the TMZ dude. "Right here!" riffed Lance, pointing at his husband. Clever way to dodge the question!

Of course, by 'star,' Lance is referring to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. In Hollywood, stars line the sidewalks for about fifteen blocks, permanent public monuments to various actors, producers, musicians and, uh, Donald Trump, Minnie Mouse and Godzilla. It's pretty random. I think you just need to be famous and willing to spend $40,000. So why not NSYNC?

On their official Twitter account, NSYNC released a statement, saying, "Our WOF Star ceremony date has not yet been confirmed. When it is time we promise the WOF will announce it!" That implies that they're working on getting confirmation and if it happens they'll probably all reunite for the ceremony. But there's no word on a concert or anything yet. Hey, take what you can get, 90's kids.