These are the 11 best reactions to the viral #InMyFeelings challenge

These are the 11 best reactions to the viral #InMyFeelings challenge

When Drake released his new track, In My Feelings, he probably had no idea what he was about to do to the world. After American comedian Shiggy posted a video of himself to Instagram hilariously dancing to the chorus, the song caused a viral storm, with thousands of people, including celebrities Will Smith and DJ Khaled, jumping on the latest challenge.

But the real question is: who did it best? Looking at the footage, we know everyone pretty much put their hearts and souls into the Shiggy dance. However, there can really only be a limited number of winners in this. Join us as we take you through our top 11.

1. Other people had cars, this guy had a helicopter

2. The DC Police Department bossed it

3. Hear, hear, Ciara!

4. How in sync are they?!

5. But can you do it on tiptoes...?

6. What about rollerskates?

7. There are no words for this one

8. Trust Will Smith to outdo everyone

9. She smashed it

10. How fast do this girl's legs move?

11. The #InMyFeelings crown has to go to this dog though...

The In My Feelings dance is fun and all, but things got dangerous recently when people started throwing themselves out of moving cars for the internet’s latest viral challenge.