50 Cent has revealed Floyd Mayweather's true feelings about Conor McGregor

50 Cent has revealed Floyd Mayweather's true feelings about Conor McGregor

For seemingly the entirety of 2017, the world has been in the grip of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor.

It all began with months of intense speculation; a labyrinthine will they, won't they story line months in the making that whipped fans into a veritable frenzy of hype, excitement and anticipation over what became known as The Money Fight.

Despite many boxing afficionados greeting the prospect of the bout with little more than a derisive snort and an upturned nose, there were those in the UFC who firmly believed that Conor McGregor had the wherewithal to shock the world and stop Floyd Mayweather.

Never mind that, in 49 previous fights, Mayweather had maintained an entirely unblemished record at 49-0, with bouts against some of boxing's biggest names. If those same names - Manny Pacquiao and Oscar De La Hoya among them - could barely land a glove on the astonishingly skilled Mayweather, what chance did a UFC fighter have on his boxing debut?

Next to none, was the opinion of most. And yet, there was enough reasonable doubt to make the fight intriguing, the phrase "a puncher's chance" was thrown around with blithe abandon, and a carefully engineered series of revelations emanating from the camps of Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor manipulated fans into believing the impossible could happen.

Of course, it didn't happen. Somewhat inevitably, Floyd knocked Mcgregor out in the 10th round - the only real surprise being that it took him so long to get the job done. Perhaps part of the reason for that can be found in Floyd Mayweather's own admission that he took his training camp far from seriously, though the undefeated boxer still doesn't believe that he is getting enough credit for the victory;

“Once again, we’re praising him. We’re not praising me. We’re praising him. Because I’m 40 years old, retired for two years. He’s 28, he’s active. I’m inactive. He’s taller, he’s bigger. He may not be stronger.

"He has a longer reach. He’s taller. He’s bigger. He’s younger. Youth is on his side. I’m just saying, everything on paper links on him. For me to come and be off, and really only train totally, probably three weeks .. and [I was] out every night partying.”

Now, Floyd Mayweather's longtime friend 50 Cent has weighed in on the fight, and appeared to give some insight into the undefeated boxer's true feelings about Conor McGregor, when he told Hot 97;

“He really didn’t like him.

“All that, he’s getting away with touching his head? That’s not Floyd, he ain’t like that.”

Seems pretty unequivocal.

According to Hypebeast, 50 Cent was back at Hot 97 to talk about his new variety show - 50 Central - that will air on BET. The rapper also seemed to suggest that Mayweather had placed an enormous bet on himself to win the fight, and that he had also won a wager on Mayweather to walk away the victor of The Money Fight.

It seems that, even in the aftermath, The Money Fight is still the hottest topic in town.