Conor McGregor thinks he could beat Floyd Mayweather in a rematch

Conor McGregor thinks he could beat Floyd Mayweather in a rematch

Even though the fight ended over a month ago, headlines are still being stolen by Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather in the wake of their rather boring but much-hyped bout.

Whether it is the art that Mayweather has purchased for his new mansion, or McGregor's expanding waistline, the two of them certainly know how to keep the media interested, and the fallout will no doubt roll on for a little longer, as each fighter tries to suck every last dollar out of the fight.

After spending time on holiday with his family and friends, sunning it up on a yacht and eating good food, McGregor has now broken his silence regarding the fight, saying he would beat Mayweather if they were ever to have a rematch.

At a Q&A session in Glasgow last weekend, the Crumlin-born fighter said that if it came down to a rematch, he would back himself to take down Mayweather.

"I know if I went another go with him, under boxing rules, I'd get that win, I know that, I know that. I know by the feeling of him in the first fight."

"He had to change his whole approach. He fought completely than he (usually) fought, he couldn't figure out what I was doing early on.

"I feel with the lessons I learned from that first fight, if I had another go around, I'd get him."

Fans were also quick to ask McGregor about his potential fight with Nate Diaz, ending one of the most epic trilogies in UFC history, with McGregor issuing a warning that Diaz could potentially price himself out of a fight.

"Diaz is there, Nathan is there. He's sitting there," Ireland's first UFC belt holder said. "He's trying to come in and make all these kind of demands.

"But if he starts pricing himself out of an event, then I probably will defend against the winner of this interim belt or someone along that line to kind of legitimise it again."

Finally, McGregor decided to fire more shots at Paulie Malignaggi, saying that he would be willing to fight him in the Octagon, after Malignaggi criticised and called out McGregor in the build-up to the showdown with Mayweather.

"Paulie on the other hand, he's talking enough s**t," said McGregor, moments after he had been discussing a potential rematch with Mayweather.

"I know he's stuck for some money.

"I know he's looking for a fight. He talking about balls (and saying) 'bring your balls', do this and do that.

"Bring your balls for a fight in a real fight."

Safe to say that McGregor is back on the warpath. The Irish fighter has always been particularly good a smack-talk, often providing some absolute gems in the build-up to his fights, and it seems like despite the money and fame that will not change. It would be brilliant to see McGregor enter the Octagon again and fight Diaz, lets just hope that he doesn't end up pricing himself out of the fight that all the fans want to see.