Female high school volleyball team make unbelievable save in video

Female high school volleyball team make unbelievable save in video

I was never much of a sportsman at school. In all honesty, I did my best to avoid any kind of exercise at that age, and continue to be as lazy to this day. But that doesn't mean I didn't get as excited as everyone else when those representing our school were successful in their chosen sports.

Getting caught up in local pride as your team battles for victory is something many of us have done at high school, but rarely did something this remarkable happen. Now, this amazing footage of a high school volleyball team has surfaced online, and it's truly something to behold.

The video, which was shot on October 20, comes from Decatur High School in Texas, capturing the last few seconds of an epic point in the match. Autumn Finney, a student at the school, made an incredible save, jumping over a teammate to keep the ball in play.

The man behind the camera, one of Finney's schoolmates, described her as "the viral sensation who is now the most well known high-school athlete in the world." When you see the video, you'll see why she deserves such a hyperbolic description:

Amazing, huh? This girl can rest on her laurels now, now that this moment has been cemented in history on the internet. Not only does she make that amazing save, but she runs forward and does it two more times after that!

Unfortunately, Decatur High School eventually lost the match to Krum High School, but what does the score matter when you have a moment like this to look back on?