Floyd Mayweather's new mansion has a Conor McGregor mural in it

Floyd Mayweather's new mansion has a Conor McGregor mural in it

It was all a hoax, wasn't it? The whole thing was one massive joke between two fighters who have now walked off laughing all the way to the bank at the seismic amount of money they have made. The fight was meant to to be one of the best in history, but ended up being a drab affair that went exactly as everyone expected it to go.

Floyd "Money" Mayweather and Conor "The Notorious" McGregor, dominated headlines for months in the build-up to their mega-fight, but when the occasion actually came to be, it felt like it went by with little note.

McGregor came out fast, attacked as best he could, while Mayweather played it defensively, taking McGregor's shots and riding them out. Then came the switch, McGregor was blowing, Mayweather saw his moment and began picking him off, until the referee called the fight in the 10th round; it was boring and predictable.

The build-up to the fight was arguably more entertaining than the event itself, with both men exchanging hilarious verbal blows and providing a great pantomime as the fight drew ever closer. Leading up to the bout, Conor's coaches commissioned a huge mural on the wall of his dojo, depicting McGregor knocking out Mayweather. They believed that the artwork would help McGregor visualise the knockout, and although it didn't happen in the end, McGregor still fought better than a lot of people thought he would.

Both fighters made a bucket load of cash from the event, with McGregor reportedly taking home $100 million and Mayweather collecting a cool $250 million. While McGregor has gone off on holiday and seems to be spending his money on yachts and eating, Mayweather has bought himself a new mansion in Beverly Hills and has begun kitting it out.

If you're worth millions of dollars, you will more than likely have a fairly decent art collection (the two just go arm-in-arm), and it seems like Mayweather has shelled out a fair amount of money on his latest piece. What is it then? A Picasso? An original Hockney? A Damien Hirst? Nope. Mayweather has bought a huge painting of himself and, weirdly, Conor McGregor.

I know, right? It's not even disrespectful. I guess when someone has helped make you $250 million, you end up having a fair bit of respect for them.

The artwork has been created by Tiffanie Anderson, who has been commissioned for several pieces of artwork by Mayweather in the past. Floyd appears to be enjoying life in his new mansion, with the boxer uploading multiple pictures to his Instagram of his humble abode, captioning the pictures with a series of brags, of course.

Looks nice, doesn't it? I think the best bit is that impressive selection of candy and chocolate bars that he has readily available for when he wants to watch a movie.

While the artwork is no doubt impressive, you can't help feeling a bit let down by it. I mean, from the looks of this, the men were actually friends all along and that this was a fight purely for money - who would've guessed it?