Race car driver crashes, fights, then gets tasered and arrested

Race car driver crashes, fights, then gets tasered and arrested

An absolutely insane incident of road rage, fighting and tasers has taken place over the weekend at Anderson Speedway, in Anderson, Indiana. It's a Crazy Figure 8, a track where cars drive in a figure-8 formation, and it gets violent. Jeffrey Swinford is the man in the black car, the source of all this insane rampant car-chaos. I could explain now, but look, you just need to see this, and I'll recap afterwards.

Some brave fan (lucky too) captured this insane footage, and uploaded it onto YouTube for mass consumption. God bless. Thank the Silicon overlords for smart phones.

Okay, so here's what happened, according to my multiple viewings, and zero knowledge about race cars. Essentially, it all started when Jeffrey Swinford, the guy in the black, was blocking the driver behind him as they rounded the figure 8. The driver stuck behind Swinford, frustrated that he was blocking the race, basically caught the back of his car and ended up driving him into the green. The crowd started cheering. It was getting gladiatorial.

The driver who pushed him into the green is in the car labelled 33, and his name is Shawn Cullen. Presumably, the momentum of pushing Swinford off the track also caused him to drive off the track. He took himself out to take out Swinford. So Cullen, Mr. 33, starts pulling into the green far ahead of Swinford.

But Swinford, distraught, pissed, furious, fuming, starts driving after Cullen. He drives past him, and pauses, staring him down like a bull staring at his prey. Next, it gets pretty damn absurd.

Swinford hits on the gas, smashing the front of Cullen's car, and driving up on its nose. He drives on top of the nose of the car like a Monster Truck, and then he gets stuck. He sits with the center of his car on top of the nose of Cullen's car, suspended above, his wheels turning helplessly against air. Still enraged, Swinford jumps out of the car. He walks around the wreckage of the two cars, tears off his helmet, and begins to jog. In Worldstar style, he charges Cullen, who has just gotten out of his car, and begins punching him.

Swinford and Cullen punch each other until a cop runs up and tases Swinford. He falls to the ground, and is handcuffed. He twitches really hard from the taser. Both men end up handcuffed, and taken away. Swinford gets off easy - disorderly conduct. I don't know about you, but driving my car up on another car's windshield looks like assault, at the very least.

Rick Dawson, the owner of the track, commented:

"Swinford just got mad and used his car as a weapon. We've never had anything like that happen. It's just beyond my comprehension. Swinford will not race at this racetrack as long as I own it, and I plan to own it for a long time."

Well, I guess that's the end of Swinford's career. Was the road rage worth it? At the very least, it was a spectacle.