Russian model invaded pitch at Champions League final to advertise boyfriends' adult site

Russian model invaded pitch at Champions League final to advertise boyfriends' adult site

How far would you go to support your partner's dream? The answer, for some, is, quite literally: "I'd do anything!"

Case in point, 22-year-old Russian model Kinsey Wolanski, who invaded the pitch at last night's Champions League final between Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur - wearing nothing but a swimsuit.

Now, motivations for such an act can be varied. It could be notoriety, it could be catching the eye of a footballer you've got a crush on, or, as was the case for Wolanski, advertising your partner's adult site.

... Yup.

And clearly, she did a good job because us schmucks in the media have given her exactly what she wanted.

Prior to the stunt, the model had a mere 230,000 thousand followers on Instagram. Not bad. But after last night's streak, her popularity on the 'gram has reportedly exploded, and she's now got two million followers and counting.

She advertised her boyfriend's website with the swimsuit, because it had the words "Vitaly Uncensored" written across her chest, and, surprise surprise, that's the name of the site.

Wolanski's boyfriend is Vitaly Zdorovetskiy, 27, who has been partial to invading pitches himself, having done so at 2014 World Cup Final, Mail Online reports, with "natural born prankster" written across his chest.

And if this tweet is anything to go by, Zdorovetskiy clearly thinks he's found the one in Wolanski:

Wolanski didn't streak prior to the game beginning or at half time, either. Oh no. She caused maximum inconvenience, and by extension publicity, by running out onto the pitch mid-game - at which point, Liverpool, who emerged victorious, had already scored one goal.

Apex Marketing Group Analytics has estimated that the stunt garnered around $3.97 million in free advertising for the site.

And, yes, Wolanski was apprehended by security.