Haters told Kim Kardashian to 'close your legs' in new Instagram photo and it's worryingly sexist

Haters told Kim Kardashian to 'close your legs' in new Instagram photo and it's worryingly sexist

When it comes to celebrities, you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone that is nearly as divisive as Kim Kardashian. Of course, Trump splits opinion, as does Kim's husband, Kanye West, but it's Kim - often seen as the "Kween" of the Kardashian sisters - who really gets people talking.

Whether it's her scantily-clad Instagram uploads, or her forays into the American political system, Kim Kardashian is the most culturally significant person in recent times and her power and influence over her millions of followers cannot be underestimated. However, with that amount of fame and exposure, comes a great amount of criticism, stereotyping and downright abuse.

One of the big concerns when it comes to the subject of Kim Kardashian is body-image and feminism. For some people, Kim is the antithesis of feminism. Social commentators such as Piers Morgan believe that Kardashian is an example of what women shouldn't be: she takes her clothes off on social media and uses her body to make money.

However, the other side of the argument is that Kim, by using her body to make money, is taking ownership of what she has and is flaunting it for her own benefit. Rather than allowing male-run newspapers and perfume companies use her body to push their brands, Kim uses it for her own business and it's worked - she is estimated to be worth around $175 million - yet some people still call her "thick."

That said, Kim is open to criticism and she sometimes does things that are more than questionable. Issues such as cultural appropriation through her choice of hairstyle and pushing slimming products on her Instagram are rightly criticised. But, some of the hate she draws for her other posts prove how far society has to come in terms of gender equality and sexism.

Kim recently took to her Instagram to post a photo of herself sitting casually on a countertop, holding a can of pineapple juice. The caption was suggestive, with it reading: "Google the benefits of pineapple juice."

But, while a lot of the comments focused on the caption, the majority of them took issue with how Kim was sitting and revealed a greater problem with body-policing and ownership of women's bodies.

"Keep your clothes on so your children will be proud of their mother and not embarrassed that her body is on display for the world," read one comment.

Many others went further, saying the photo wasn't "lady-like." "Should learn how to sit like a lady acts more like a dog," one person wrote.

"I don't know about you, but I wouldn't let my wife show herself like that. End of story. Can see you aren't raised properly, no morals whatsoever," wrote another.

"Google the benefits of closing your legs," one comment reads.

Despite the rise in body-positivity and women taking ownership of themselves, it's still hardly surprising to see hateful and sexist comments appear on images such as this one. While they may seem innocuous or harmless, this mindset has tangibly harmful effects on real people's lives.