Jonah Hill has pink hair now and fans can't cope

Jonah Hill has pink hair now and fans can't cope

Now more than at any other time in our collective history, we are totally in thrall to the idea of celebrity.

This is why figures like Danielle Bregoli, she of 'cash me ousside' fame are able to rise to prominence with such apparent ease - causing a global phenomenon in the shape of endless memes in her wake.

Ask a kid what they would like to be when they grow up these days and the most common answer would probably be 'famous'.

Whether its our obsessive efforts to keep up with the every move of the Kardashian/Jenner family, our lapping up of the friendly banter between everyone's favourite Hollywood couple, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds, or our sleuth-like mania for trying to deduce whether or not Beyonce is pregnant again, we basically can't get enough of the rich and famous.

Perhaps this is because we wish our lives were more like theirs; chock full of sun-kissed vistas and improbably beautiful company.

One man who we all can't get enough of is Jonah Hill. The actor has certainly undergone something of a transformation of late, shedding a considerable amount of weight and toning up his arms along the way.

Indeed, such is the change in Hill's apperance, I'm not sure I'd actually recognise him if I walked past him in the street these days.

However, the latest change would certainly help identify Hill in a crowd, because he's only gone and dyed his hair a very bright shade of pink. Take a look for yourself;

Commentors were extremely taken with the actor's new look, with one describing Hill as a "style icon" and another saying his new look was "so beautiful".

When another said;

"napkin me tf up boys you delicious little snack god damn boi im bout to tuck in [sic]" I realised I was totally out of my depth, but gather that Jonah Hill has basically gone down an absolute storm. Good luck to him; it's not every man out there who could pull off dying their hair quite such a lurid shade of pink, and he's clearly pulled it off with aplomb.

Hill recently attended a Kanye West listening party, describing his admiration for the rapper and designer thus;

"He’s the one person who I have an unending childhood kind of fascination with. I still look at him like I’m a little kid, and he’s a superstar.

"When I decided to come here, I thought, 'It’s like if someone got to hear Thriller in the middle of Wyoming.'"

I'm sure Kanye would approve of Hill's radical new look, being something of a trend setter himself. Well, I'm off to dip dye my hair bright blue, let's hope the Instagram comments are as kind as they were to Jonah...