Lady Gaga delivered pizza to dozens of people devastated by the California Wildfire

Lady Gaga delivered pizza to dozens of people devastated by the California Wildfire

As far as celebrities go, there are few people in the Hollywood scene worth emulating more than Stefani Germanotta, better known to you or I as Lady Gaga. Forced to bide her time in the music business due to unwarranted concerns over her looks, Lady Gaga has become a staunch advocate of truly being authentic to oneself.

She's earned plaudits for her stage presence and penchant presentation as well as for her musical talents, and her star turn in the recent movie A Star Is Born have only helped to endear her to fans even more. Plus, after her latest display of altruism at a shelter, people are bound to love Lady Gaga even more.

All over the state of California, people have been devastated by wildfires that have spread all over the Golden State. In the north, 48 people have already lost their lives as a result of the fire, while the fire's spread to southern California and Los Angeles, where it's killed two people so far, and destroyed the homes of many more.

Lady Gaga is just one of many celebrities who've been forced to evacuate their homes because of the fire, and while she took the time to criticise President Donald Trump for his reaction to the tragedies, she also did her part in helping other victims who aren't as privileged as she is, and might need a lot more time getting back in their feet.

"I am thinking so deeply for everyone who is suffering today from these abominable fires & grieving the loss of their homes or loved ones," Gaga wrote on Twitter. "I'm sitting here with many of you wondering if my home will burst into flames. All we can do is pray together & for each other. God Bless You."

And one shelter in Los Angeles got to enjoy the company of the popstar, as Lady Gaga showed up to help people at a Red Cross. Apparently, the musician and actress reportedly spent around 90 minutes at the shelter handing out gift cards, posing for selfies, and even singing to a 98-year-old lady who'd been forced out of her home by the fire.

Lady Gaga with pizza Credit: Instagram

But that's not all, folks - Lady Gaga also brought pizza for the fire evacuees, confirming her status as one of the coolest people working in Hollywood today. This is all part of her push for more altruism for National Kindness Day, which Gaga tweeted about earlier this week, declaring it to be her "favourite day of the year".

Lady Gaga also took the time to thank California firefighters for their hard work. "I’m so grateful I love you and god bless you to all the firefighters and first responders who continue fighting this fire. You risk your lives for us, and I’m so humbled by your bravery. You are our heroes," she said.

Lady Gaga is just the best, isn't she?