10 Compliments all guys secretly love to hear

10 Compliments all guys secretly love to hear

For some reason, men very rarely compliment each other. It's one of those things that are seen as not masculine, with many of us not pointing out the good attributes each other have even if we're thinking about it. But that doesn't mean that we don't like to be complimented every now and again.

After a Reddit user posed the question "what sort of compliments do you love receiving?" to the male users on the Ask Reddit section of the site, they got a wide range of responses. While there will be plenty of guys who relate to these, it will also be news to others, as dudes tend to keep these things to themselves. Read on to see the things that men love to get complimented on:

1. Hair

Whether it's just the way his hair looks that day or soon after he's had a fresh trim, many people pointed out they were happy to be complimented on their haircut. This goes for those without hair too, as a little reassurance goes a long way.

2. Clothes

While women are far more likely to compliment someone else's clothes, men don't tend to comment on it much. Yet that doesn't mean there aren't guys out there putting effort into how they look each day.

3. Face

A top feature that men enjoy being complimented is their eyes or their smile, but anything in this region is a good thing to bring up.

4. Smell

It goes a long way when you point out how good a guy smells, especially if he isn't wearing any aftershave. "When someone said that to me, it made me feel like the King of the castle," one user wrote. "You don't have to look good to smell good!"

5. Sense of humor

Not everything has to be about looks. Being called witty or funny is always a plus, and the word "charming" is never a bad thing.

6. Intellect

Continuing the thread of it not all being about looks, it turns out that a lot of guys want to be complimented for their smarts as well as how good they look physically.

7. Penis

Well, this one was a no-brainer. It might feel like a strange thing to say, but if you have something complimentary to say about it then go for it! As another Redditor pointed out: "I can never hear how nice my cock is too much".

8. What makes him interesting

A lot of men are insecure that people will find them boring, so being called interesting - or if someone just shows a genuine interest in their passions - it can do a lot to boost their confidence.

9. Body

This is a pretty basic one, but because of that it might go amiss. If he's been working out at the gym for the last few months he will likely enjoy a compliment or two thrown his way for the trouble.

10. Strength

While plenty of guys are happy to be complimented on their physical strength - one compliment that men love to get from women is a little different. When a woman tells them that he makes her feel safe, he will take it as a huge compliment. Whether this is down to protective instincts or not is another question, but either way he'll be happy to be told.

Even if he acts like he doesn't care, there's a good chance that throwing one of these compliments his way can vastly improve his mood. However, I wouldn't recommend bringing up number seven on the list unless you have an intimate relationship with him. Might be more confusing and awkward than complimentary.