10 Confessions from real life mean girls

10 Confessions from real life mean girls

We have all met a mean girl or two at school. They might not have been as feared as Regina George was in the (excellent) Lindsay Lohan movie, but they can still be pretty harsh when it came down to it.

So if you ever had a run-in with "the Plastics" and their queen bee, you have likely wondered at some point, 'do they know what they are doing?' Thanks to some submissions on the site Whisper, we now have an insight into the interior lives of these so-called 'mean girls'.

1. Embracing the hate

2. Don't judge a book by its cover

3. Locked in a cycle

4. A no-nonsense attitude

5. How does this work?

6. Hurt too many times

7. Switching things up

8. Having a good time

9. Bad reputation

10. Really!?

There are a few on here that are just about understandable, but that last one? That's just straight up evil, right? Either way, it seems like there's not a whole lot of remorse coming from the Regina's of the world.