10 Signs your relationship is coming to an end

10 Signs your relationship is coming to an end

When you're coming to the end of your relationship, it is pretty much the worst time of your life. You are bored, stressed, and constantly have itchy feet. But you don't want to end it because you are so terrified by the thought of being alone, that you genuinely think you would rather be miserable for the rest of your life.

For the record, getting out of a stale relationship is much better than being in one. Yes break-ups are hard, and yes you will cry into your pillow and have terrible sex with a bunch of weirdos, but there will come a day when everything clicks back to normal and you feel like you again.

So if you feel like your relationship is beginning to turn sour, these are the 10 things you need to look out for.

1. Communication has gone

Communication is the key to all good relationships, and if you are not communicating effectively and openly, it's time to pull the trigger. A huge part of being with someone is feeling like you can tell them anything, from having diarrhoea to serious family issues: you need to be able to talk about everything with them, and if you can't – say your farewells.

2. You don't want to have sex

While as you get older, personality becomes a larger factor in who you want to settle down with, you still want to be sexually attracted to them. The days of banging any old person you find in the bar may be gone, but if you don't want to get freaky with your significant other then is something wrong. Sex is an important part of all relationships, and if the temperature in the bedroom resembles a fridge more than an oven, you know what to do.

3. It's all got a bit boring

There once was a time in your relationship where you made eachother's hearts flutter, that time is gone and all is dark; dark and dead. Now, rather than dancing the night away at your favourite hispanic bar, you sit on the sofa watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall while staring at your iPads in silence. Maybe you might have sex later, but it will be the same, flaccid, boring sex that you've been having for the last few months, won't it? If this is a representation of your relationship, exit stage left immediately.

4. You pick fights

It's the small things in life, right? That's what they say. And it is the small things, it's the small things that reeeeally wind you up beyond belief, and cause major arguments between you and your partner. Ah yes, the cheese grater hasn't been cleaned again. Oh, what's that? You just put my washing on the sofa and didn't hang it to dry, thank you SO MUCH. When you get towards the end of a relationship, you will get in a fight over everything. No one likes arguing, so get out while you can.

5. Future? What future?

In the early stages of your relationship, you would talk about the cool things you want to do together, now you can't even commit to going to dinner next week. Talking about the future is representative that you want to spend time with that person, if you can't picture yourself with them in a couple of days, why be with them now?

6. You are no longer affectionate

Remember the good old days, the days when you would wake up and just cuddle all day in bed? They were nice. Now, you can't get of bed quick enough. When was the last time you missed you partner? How often do you say "I love you"? If these feelings and expressions are now absent from your relationship, then it's not good news. You should miss your S/O and you should make them feel appreciated, if you don't, give the relationship the chop.

7. Daydreaming about life outside of the relationship

We're not talking about wondering whether cows can swim here, we're talking about full on imagining your life if you weren't in a relationship. Would you get frisky with that colleague you've always had the hots for? How about that barista you see every morning, you could ask for their number? If you're thinking about your life outside of your current partner, your relationship is over, so make it official.

8. You're not interested

You literally have no interest in what they're saying. It's going in one ear and out of the other. While you used to be interested in what they did at work, or the funny stories they had on nights out, now you couldn't care less if you tried. You have outgrown each other and in doing so, you have out grown the relationship – it's time to move on.

9. One of you has cheated

This is the ultimate sign that you are no longer interested in the relationship. If you, or your partner, has cheated, then it's more than likely because you don't want to be with each other. Yes, we all have our head our heads turned from time-to-time, but there's a difference between being tempted, and actually going through with it.

10. They have broken up with you

Yeah, I mean it's over, get over it.

And that's it, those are the 10 signs that your relationship is over. As I said previously, if your relationship has gone sour and you don't see any signs of it getting better, get out now.