10 super easy things you can be doing to save yourself hours every single day

10 super easy things you can be doing to save yourself hours every single day

Modern living is becoming increasingly stressful, right folks?

Not only are you fully contactable 24 hours a day thanks to your trusty smartphone, but you're also being pressured to look good, feel good, smell good, and be an overall legend 365 days a year. But thankfully we have something that might well help you through those long work days, and ease you into those post-gym evenings.

The generous folk over at Uber Eats are offering new customers a £10 discount on their first order, so long as you spend a minimum of £20. Not only do you have the convenience of having food delivered to your door - meaning you've got more time to spend in the gym, with friends, working, or - dare we suggest it - relaxing, but you can choose from a wide range of different delectable cuisines, too.

Simply download the Uber Eats app, place your first order and use the promo code: JUNGLE2018 to enjoy £10 off. Please note that this offer is for first time Uber Eats users only, valid in UK cities where Uber Eats is available. There is a minimum £20 order and the offer expires on 30/10/2018.

So how do you actually make more time for yourself in 2018? Your boss is constantly texting you after hours, you've got to cram in your hectic workout schedule, oh yeah, and you've got be a doting mother/husband/boyfriend/girlfriend/human - but there is a way. Here are 10 handy time-savings hacks which will transform you from frazzled to liberated in the blink of an eye.

1. Lay out your outfit the night before

Tired of spending hours in front of the mirror every morning worrying if your fashion choices will make you the talk of the office? Well hold up there, sailor! Instead of wasting minutes in the morning, why not choose an outfit the night before while you're streaming that series you love on Netflix.

2. Sleep in your gym clothes

We've all been there. Rooting around in drawers for your favourite leggings at 5am as you rush to get ready for your pre-work spinning class. It's hell on earth. So why not ditch the bleary-eyed nightmare and sleep in your gym gear? Now you've got time to make a coffee before you leave the house, and start your day the right way... with some caffeine.

3. Don't wash your hair every day

Did you know that washing your hair every day actually removes the natural oils it needs to stay healthy? Cut your shower time in half and use the precious minutes you've gained to make sure your kids have got their PE kit. We all know you don't want to be dealing with that call from the school...

4. Use the steam from your shower as an iron

As household chores go, ironing is one of the most mind-numbing. Hanging your clothes up in the bathroom while you shower is the ultimate time-saving hack; the heat and moisture that accumulate in the room will un-wrinkle your threads without any extra work. Literal hours saved.

5. Do all your admin on the commute

Whether you need to pay your credit card bill or text your mates to organise dinner on Friday night, the commute is the place to tackle admin. While it's tempting to just doze off and wait for the doors to open at your stop, I urge you resist! Tackle tasks while you're stuck on the train and you'll reap the benefits. Who said you couldn't get time back?

6. Make the most of your lunch break

If you're anything like me, lunch breaks are a nightmare. You desperately want to switch off for an hour, but there's simply not enough time in the day for that. If it's not calling your mum to say happy birthday, it's making final tweaks to that sales deck. Cut out some of the agro by ordering your lunch through Uber Eats; whether it's pizza or poke, it'll be at your desk before you know it.

7. Have a to-do list, and stick to it

Nothing makes work easier than a to-do list. If your job is anything like mine, you waste loads of time dawdling between tasks, and even then you probably forget to get everything done. Make a list, stick to it, and trust me you'll find your productivity go up - which hopefully means no more late nights. Win win.

8. Use the two minute rule

Designed to kill procrastination, the two minute rule is as basic as it comes: if a task is going to take less than two minutes, do it straight away. The amount of time that gets wasted procrastinating about whether to do something, followed by the eventual doing of the task itself, is beyond belief. Streamline your mind with this handy hack and liberate yourself from the mundane chores that ruin your day.

9. Colour code your keys

One of my pet peeves is that recurring moment you stand on your front step, and try every single key on your keyring before you get in the front door. Remove this pest from your daily grind by simply colour coding your keys. Why is the key for the bottom lock labelled green? Because it's closer to the ground, and the grass is green - it's that simple! Disclaimer: you can use your own colour coding methods that make more sense.

10. Eating well doesn't mean homemade

For most people, takeaways are that guilty pleasure on a Saturday night when you can't be bothered to get off the sofa - but no longer! Just because you want to eat well, doesn't mean you need to slave away in the kitchen; Uber Eats can have healthy and tasty treats delivered to your door in no time at all. Say goodbye to sweating over your hob, and use the time to text your loved ones instead. Simple.

It's simple really ladies and gents; if you want more time in your week, you've got to create more time. These clever little tricks and tips should hopefully give you some much-needed minutes back - just make sure you don't waste them!