These are the 11 worst tattoos of all time

These are the 11 worst tattoos of all time

Whenever a friend or colleague of mine gets a new tattoo, I tell them I think it's brilliant, regardless of my true feelings.

Perhaps this is because I can't bear to tell them that, in my opinion, they have just made a terrible - and rather permanent - mistake.

Of course, mistakes are relative, and so it goes with tattoos. Here, then, are some of the biggest mistakes you are ever likely to see in the world of body ink.

1. Just love that dance move

2. That'll never get old...

3.Blackberry for life

4. Need I say any more?

5. Why?

6. Hopefully referring to the grammar of this tattoo

7. Oh boy

8. No words

9. Just love those brothers

10. Was this really worth the pain?

11. Except this tattoo

If you're feeling down about things at the moment, hopefully this made you feel a little better. It could be worse.