12 People reveal the scandalous way they got promoted at work

12 People reveal the scandalous way they got promoted at work

We all know how it goes: you land a job, you spend the first few months working every minute of your nine-to-five, and then you wait with bated breath for The Promotion. While in the majority of cases, promotions are pretty much guaranteed - say if you've been working at a company for a certain amount of time, or if you've proved that your current job title is below you - in some circumstances, it can feel as if you've been waiting around forever.

As such, certain individuals can feel compelled to resort to some rather unsavory measures to secure the much sought-after promotion. We have all heard stories of people sleeping with their superiors or falsely accusing their co-workers of some illicit activity or the other, just to land a bigger pay-check and garner greater status within the corporate sphere.

Here are 12 people revealing the scandalous way in which they got promoted...

1. Some people will go to crazy lengths to be "more successful" 

2. This individual claims that it wasn't their "intention" 

3. Surely they will get found out sooner rather than later...

4. Does it matter if someone deserves it or not?

5. Some dealings are decidedly shady 

6. What works for some...

7. This sure sounds like a movie plot-line

8. Ditto this

9. This is probably the most ethical way to do it 

10. Well, well, well...

11. At least something good came out of it

12. Is all fair in love and war?

Well there you have it, some people will do almost anything for a bit of extra cash.