13 People relive the frightening moment they nearly died

13 People relive the frightening moment they nearly died

Death is one thing that humans will never truly understand. It's impossible to study exactly what happens to an individual when they die, and we can only imagine what it feels like. People speculate about heaven and hell and if you go to some kind of afterlife, but no-one can really know for sure.

A select few might claim to know more about how it feels to die after experiencing near-death themselves. A bunch of freak accidents that could've turned fatal have been captured on film, and are often circulated around the internet in videos like the one below. Watching people's close encounters with deadly animals, fast moving trains and loose flying objects are enough to startle anyone.


While these near-death moments astonish people who can barely believe what they've just seen, there are incidents of people almost dying that are less bizarre, but tragically, more common. Stories of individuals escaping death at the hands of abusive partners, negligent parents and suicidal thoughts are less commonly shared, but still just as harrowing.

These 13 brave individuals shared their own close encounters with death, and many of them are quite grim.

1. Living, but in fear

2. Hope for those who feel the same

3. One wrong move in a hospital

4. Take these things seriously

5. Careless driving

6. Thanks, stranger

7. It's not just the individual

8. Pregnancy complications can be fatal

9. Cherish what you've got

10. Soldiering on

11. Don't be an idiot

12. It stays with you for life

13. Good call

It's impossible to imagine how these people felt when faced with death, whether due to circumstance or at the hands of another individual. And to share their stories with the world is exceptionally brave, so kudos to them.