14 Budget Halloween costumes you can make from stuff lying about the house

14 Budget Halloween costumes you can make from stuff lying about the house

Halloween is undoubtedly one of the best holidays of the year. You get to watch tons of horror films, eat your body weight in candy, and dress up in outrageous costumes. However, unless you have a big budget or mad art skills, finding a quality Halloween look is often a bit of a challenge.

But fear not, thrifty friends and artistically-challenged individuals, for here are 14 budget costume ideas for you to choose from.

1. Ancient Greek

As long as you've got a white bed sheet and a willingness to flash a little bit of skin, then you've got the makings of an ancient Greek costume. Just tie the sheet around yourself like a toga, et voila. For bonus authenticity, you could fashion a garland out of a few twigs. Or, if you have some to hand, cover yourself in white body paint and become a statue.

2. Snapchat filter

Fancy dress from the past is cool and everything, but why not be something current, like a Snapchat filter. Got some cardboard? Make yourself some dog ears. Face paint? Get drawing those hearts, buddy. How about some flowers? It's easy to turn them into a flower crown. Add a ridiculous amount of highlighter and boom: instant costume.

3. Instagram post

While we're on the social media theme, Instagram posts also make great Halloween get-ups. Literally all you need to do is find a reasonably-sized bit of cardboard, cut a window from your face, and paint on the iconic Insta layout. Make sure you give yourself a modest amount of likes, too.

4. Serial killer

One of the unwritten rules of Halloween is that if you can't be scary, you should at least be funny. But why not combine the two by being a "cereal killer". Just take an empty cereal box, splash a bit of red paint on it, and carry it around with you. Chuck in a prop knife and a necklace made of cheerios (because every good serial killer takes a souvenir), and you've got the perfect costume for the price of breakfast.

5. Ghost

This wouldn't be a proper budget costume list without the classic bed sheet ghost included. But we're going to take this one step further. Why not give your ghost some accessories to make it stand out a bit more? Pop a stetson on top: cowboy ghost. Stick some fake eyelashes on the outside: girly ghost. Wear some lacy underwear on the outside of the sheet: sexy ghost. Job done.

6. Mummy

Continuing the quintessential budget theme, a toilet paper mummy is always a good last-minute option. It's probably not the most practical choice on the list, and you'll most likely end up ripping/losing most of your costume before you even turn up at the Halloween party, but everyone appreciates the old favourites.

7. Robot

You know that old vacuum cleaner box you've been holding onto for about 4 years 'just in case you need to return it'? Well, it's time to go get it from the attic, along with some aluminium foil from the kitchen and a couple of sharpies. Put all those components together, and ta-da, you're a robot. A pretty basic one, admittedly, but it's the thought that counts.

8. Lego figure

If you'd rather put that box to a different use, and happen to have some paint to hand, then you might want to consider making yourself into a Lego character. Make yourself a blocky shirt, some claw-like hands, and, if you have enough material left over, a round head. The same technique works if you want to be a Minecraft figure, too.

9. Sim

So, not everyone has a huge cardboard box lying around. But almost everybody has a couple of cardboard-packaged food products in their kitchen. All you need to do to become a Sim is cut out a diamond shape, colour it green, and stick it above your head using a bit of wire, a headband, or even another bit of card. Then proceed to spend the evening speaking Simlish and setting the oven on fire.

10. Stock photo

Literally all you need for this costume is access to a printer - so, if you don't have your own, you may need to sneakily utilise the one at work. Just print out a classic stock photo, cut out one of the people's faces, and replace it with your own. And that's it.

11. Failed science experiment

You'll need a friend to help you out with this one. Preferably one who owns an oversized shirt. If you hadn't figured it out already, both of you need to wear the shirt together, and maybe cut an extra couple of arm holes if you can. Then, come up with an elaborate story about how a mad scientist was trying to create a superhuman hybrid or something, but instead ended up with you.

12. Kid

If you happen to have an oversized shirt but no friends, then I'm sorry about that - but all is not lost! Find some baggy trousers to go with that shirt, tie your shoes up around your knees, and be prepared to crawl all evening. Add in a lollipop prop, and you're good to go. Not only is it a great costume, it's also an easy way of making yourself look 20 years younger.

13. Undead

Back to the classics! Looking undead is something I achieve every day, primarily through a lack of sleep an inability to neatly style my hair. But, if you're after a more temporary deceased look, just grab yourself a bit of dark eyeshadow and your tattiest clothes. Rough up your face a bit with the makeup, don an outfit that looks like it might have spent some time in the ground, and shuffle around like someone who hasn't had their morning coffee yet.

14. Someone else

Go find that friend again, because you're going to need them. This time, instead of getting into the same shirt, you'll need to trade shirts with each other. And pants. And any other accessories which make both of you easily recognisable. If one of you has a beard, draw a beard on the other one. If one of you wears distinctive makeup, give them the job of painting the other one. And if you've got different accents, make sure you swap those, too.

So, there you have it. If you'd been struggling with some ideas for a Halloween costume, hopefully this has helped you out a bit.