14 Photos of dads doing parenting right

14 Photos of dads doing parenting right

Dads. What a phenomenon they are. In a matter of years, dads have gone from the most annoying member of your family, to a social media icon. A few years ago, the jokes/stories/advice that dads gave out, served simply to  wind you up. Now, they are bits of gold that quickly become viral on social media. Whether it's fathers trying to work out a new bit of technology, or simply just telling crap jokes: "Your mother told me to stop singing Wonderwall. I said maybeeeee", dads are now internet heros.

So, in celebration of our fathers, we've compiled a list of dads who are absolutely smashing this parenting thing. Take a look at these 14 dads who are doing parenting right (or wrong, I cant tell).

1. That's one way to stop your kid from running away

2. Peek-a-boo!

3. Here, let me get that for you

4. Yep, looks safe

5. Quick, there's a quarter in there!

6. Start them early


8. Go on, hit it as hard as you can

9. The most nutritional baby food

10. Never skip leg day

11. That's one way to pick them up

12. Cutest n00b ever?

13. Nice view

14. Like father like son

There we have it, 14 dads who know exactly how to be a parent. Some of these are absolutely incredible. No doubt these guys will be getting in trouble with the mothers once they see these, but hey, what's parenting about if you can't have a little fun along the way?