14 Tweets everyone can relate to about the struggles of Secret Santa each year

14 Tweets everyone can relate to about the struggles of Secret Santa each year

With a week before Christmas, most of us have probably already been to a few end-of-year parties in the countdown to the big day. And for anyone in an office job or a university class or any other kind of collective group that meets on the regular, that means you've probably also taken part in your Secret Santa exchange as well.

Although it's meant as a festive gesture of sharing and gift-giving, Secret Santa usually turns out to be a stressful affair where either you're left empty-handed because somehow your name was left out of the draw, or you're standing there holding some kind of cheap bath pampering set you know you'll never use because of how terrifyingly vivid the colours are.

But you know what? It seems like everyone agrees that Secret Santa – as good as the intentions may be – kind of sucks. And this year, the most peeved of the lot have taken to Twitter to share stories about their Secret Santa struggles. Here are 14 of them, so go on and sip your tea while you have a gander.

1. Everyone knows it's really all act of passing judgement on one another

2. Errr, should I be reporting this to HR?

3. Seriously tho

4. "Oooh who got me? It's suuuch a mystery!"

5. Unless you work here

6. Some people just don't appreciate your taste


8. Here's a fail-safe gift if I ever saw one

9. Would it kill you to put in a little more effort, Jerry?

10. It'd really be better if we were just our own Secret Santa's tbh

11. Whoops

12. No price limit is low enough

13. Uh oh

14. But at least we're not this guy

So, did you fair better than this lot in your Secret Santa draw? Even if you didn't, just remember all the shitty presents you've contributed yourself as well. What comes around goes around, right? Merry Christmas everyone.