15 Tattoo cover-ups that transformed messes into masterpieces

15 Tattoo cover-ups that transformed messes into masterpieces

Tattoos are a serious commitment. Once you've got one, you're pretty much stuck with it for life - from the wobbly line work to the misspelled lettering. Of course, there are some things you can get touched up, such as unsaturated colour, dodgy shading, and misshapen designs - if you're lucky, that is.

For the biggest mistakes, however, a simple touch-up won't do, and you either need to get the artwork removed or covered-up. Fortunately, there are some talented artists out there who can turn any wreck into a piece to be proud of, and here are just some of them...

1. From eyesore to eye-catching

2. The original piece was simply un-bear-able

3. Tattoo from hell becomes stairway to heaven

4. This piece turned out a treat

5. Eggy bread? What a hoot!

6.  This one is pretty nice

7. This eagle found Nirvana

8. You'd be lion if you said this wasn't awesome

9. Flower power goes a long way

10. Out with the old, in with the new

11. Sometimes a picture paints a thousand words

12. Goodbye tribal rose, hello tri-rose

13. This deserves a round of a-paws

14. Slain by the grim reaper himself

15. Everything deserves a second chance

Of course, it's better to be happy with the first result than have to go back and get a completely new piece done, but it's good to know that - should you fall victim to a crappy tat - there are ways of fixing almost anything.