15 Tweets that show how much of a nightmare Halloween is for parents

15 Tweets that show how much of a nightmare Halloween is for parents

Now I don't know about you, but Halloween is my favourite holiday. I mean, is there any better excuse to get dressed up in a ridiculous outfit and hound complete strangers for candy? I don't think so. However, there are some people who dread the coming of autumn and all its effluvia: the change of leaves, the brisker air and chiefly, Halloween. And these scrooges tend to either be those who hate horror movies with a passion, or parents.

Yes, for mothers and fathers everywhere, Halloween truly is a nightmare. Certainly, painstakingly making outfits and taking a bunch of under-fives trick-or-treating doesn't sound like anyone's cup of tea. Here are 15 tweets from parents explaining why exactly Halloween is the worst. 

1. There's nothing quite like unconditional love 

2. Oops

3. So much to do, so little time 

4. This is terrifying 

5. It's such an unhealthy holiday 

6. You have to admit that this is genius 

7. It can get expensive too

8. Not the peanut butter cups!

9. Halloween can drive parents to the brink 

10. I'm never having kids 

11. Three-year-olds can be so indecisive 

12. This sounds so stressful 

13. Why can't kids make up their minds! 

14. It's not 

15. Well doesn't that sound delightful?

Well there you have it. Whilst children are always demanding and difficult, Halloween tends to bring out the real monsters in them. Who would have known, eh?