16 Men reveal the things they will never understand about women

16 Men reveal the things they will never understand about women

It's a well known fact that men find it nigh impossible to understand women. Now, being a woman, I find everything that we do to be carefully mandated by reason and logic, but I can understand why men find things such as makeup, bras and periods so difficult to wrap their minds around.

Certainly, legions of Hollywood rom-coms have featured the Clueless Male - a man who is perpetually perplexed by every women in his life, whether it be a romantic interest or a female colleague. And apparently many of the men we encounter as coworkers or on our morning commute are real-life iterations of the Clueless Male, and just can't get their heads around us women and our apparently bamboozling thought-processes.

I mean, just check out these 16 things that men can't understand about women. Fellow females, be prepared to shake your head, vigorously:

1. For many women, having a boob job is a very personal choice 

2. Photoshop is a powerful thing 

3. Jealousy can really drive a wedge in relationships 

4. Well, isn't this good to know

5. If only men experienced this themselves 

6. There's some interesting logic at work here  

7. Some people are just more reserved when it comes to talking about sex 

8. We have no answers to this one

9. Maybe because they don't want to talk to you? 

10. This is one guy's opinion

11. Some people are just complicated... 

12. Ouch 

13. To each their own 

14. Things change, I guess... 

15. Er, I don't think women are the problem here

16. Woah, woah, calm down! 

Well, there you have it - men really don't understand women at all. But was that really a surprise to anyone?