17 Of the most excruciatingly awkward moments at funerals

17 Of the most excruciatingly awkward moments at funerals

At any kind of large gathering, something is bound to go wrong. You always hear stories of the Best Man at a wedding getting a bit too drunk, or a kid answering the call of nature during a christening, or someone photocopying their genitals at the work office party. It's almost inevitable.

And while there aren't many opportunities to fax your private parts to your boss at a funeral, there are plenty of other things that could go awry. Here are 17 accounts of people who experienced some unfortunate funeral mishaps...

1. Not the time or place for a giggle

2. Why does this sound like a scene from The Exorcist?

3. What a way to interrupt a ceremony

4. I probably would have laughed, too

5. So much for a moment's silence

6. Don't speak ill of the dead - especially when others can hear

7. Forget zombies, it's the vampires you've got to watch out for

8. Babies are so rude sometimes 

9. Stairway to Heaven would have been a better choice

10. This is both tragic and hilarious at the same time

11. I can't imagine this going down well in any situation

12. Again, not a good thing to ask at any time, let alone a funeral

13. Oh deer

14. This one made me cringe so hard

15. Don't do drugs, kids

16. This is actually really sad

17. To be fair, playing Gameboy should always be priority

I'm sure very few funerals will be remembered as particularly enjoyable experiences, so at least some of these people found a way to have some lighthearted fun in such a dark time.