17 Bosses who sent their employees the most hilarious text messages

17 Bosses who sent their employees the most hilarious text messages

When we were young we dreamt of being grown-ups with awesome jobs as firemen, astronauts, hairdressers, ballerinas, or in my case – a dolphin trainer. Little kids have such an excitable and innocent view of what it's like to actually have a job, whatever it may be.

Yet the hard reality is that you're likely to endure long shifts, irritable water cooler conversations and people who think it's socially acceptable to eat tinned tuna for lunch. You might have very early starts, or maybe you work all through the night. You'll be forced to leave the house to go to work when it's pouring with rain outside and all you want to do is be inside a blanket cocoon.

But it's worth it. Because you're fulfilling a humanistic need to contribute to society. And because... money. But let's not kid ourselves, work can be really fun. You'll learn new things, your talents will flourish, and make some good friends along the way.

And maybe you'll even be lucky enough to have a boss who you get along with. It's true, they exist. Don't believe everything you see in Horrible Bosses or The Devil Wears Prada. In fact, bosses can be really lovely people, people who are understanding, encouraging, and even funny. Not like, a fake – "hah hah Gerald that is a good one" – kind of funny you force yourself to respond with out of fear for your job.

But genuinely funny. See for yourself:

1. Sarcasm makes the world go round

2. When you're on holiday and they realize how valuable you are

3. Encouraging open conversations about all the important things

4. Not being afraid to let their hair down

5. Checking in on your day

6. Total transparency

7. Really taking the time to respond thoughtfully

8. Not sure if joking or not...

9. No beating around the bush

10. Support and encouragement when it counts

11. Keeping things professional

12. Or just not beating around the bush

13. Showing your employees that you're only human too

14. Keeping their best interests at heart

15. Being respectful of sensitive topics 

16. Casually declining your invitation

17. Teaching resourcefulness

See, work isn't all bad when you have an easy-going boss too joke around with. Jobs shouldn't be too stressful and nerve-wracking, and a funny boss is sure to help you feel a bit more relaxed. I doubt that dolphins would be sharing the same kind of banter.