18 Adoption stories that are sure to hit you right in the feels

18 Adoption stories that are sure to hit you right in the feels

Growing up in a loving and supportive home doesn't necessarily mean you'll be raised by blood related parents. There are so many adoption stories that tell of the amazing moments adoptive families share, and they'll have you feeling all warm and fuzzy. Adoption is one of our most heartwarming causes, giving hope and new opportunities to children and adults alike.

Did you know Nelson Mandela was adopted, as was Steve Jobs? But fame is the least of what brings most adoptive families joy, as can be seen in these heartwarming adoption stories.

1. Teaching them about their background

2. Dressing up to celebrate a new life together

3. It's the little things

4. Looks don't matter anyway

5. A family for those who otherwise can't have one

6. Passing on traditions

7. Finding out about birth parents is tough

8. So sweet

9. Moments like this

10. It's their care that counts

11. These children are so resilient

12. New opportunities for everyone

13. When you know things are about to change for the good

14. New beginnings for all kinds of people

15. Helping to bring perspective and change priorities

16. Helping out others in need

17. No-one really gets it like you do

18. Knowing that someone is providing the support that you weren't able to

Adoption is a wonderful thing. Individuals are given new opportunities, and powerful relationships are formed between people who were otherwise strangers. You don't have to be related by blood to live in a supportive and caring family, and that's really nice.