18 Employees reveal the most ridiculous reasons they skipped work

18 Employees reveal the most ridiculous reasons they skipped work

Heading to work can seem like a chore, and sometimes you are extremely tempted to call in sick even when there is nothing wrong with you. The smallest headache can suddenly seem like you have contracted the plague and there is "no way you can make it into the office today", right?

We've all done it from time-to-time; you pick up the phone, put on your best croaky voice and by pretending that you're ill, you actually make yourself feel like it.

However, while the majority of us skip a day of work purely because we feel a little bit under the weather and just want to relax, eat some soup and watch crap television, these people below skipped work for completely ludicrous reasons. Check them out below:

1. Well, that's awkward

2. If it was a random test, how did you know it was coming?

3. Pets come first

4. Adulting is tough

5. Skipping work to work... the worst!

6. Could you not have thought of a better excuse?

7. When the party-life is the only life

8. Sometimes you just have to do what the heart desires

9. Could've picked someone better...

10. Oo-la-la

11. Fridays done right

12. Sometimes you just can't be bothered

13. Sometimes you need some me-time

14. Must. Binge watch. Peaky Blinders.

15. Couple goals

16. I hope it wasn't the fly episode

17. I mean, did they actually believe you?

18. YOLO!!!

While some of these are undoubtedly a bit ludicrous, you can understand the thinking behind them. Sometimes you just need a bit of time away from the desk. Besides, if you work hard for your money, you more than likely don't get enough time off as it is, so what's a little extra day here and there going to hurt?