18 People who should have checked the background before posting these photos

18 People who should have checked the background before posting these photos

We all get the occasional unflattering photo from time to time – half-shut eyes or double chin – and even when we actually get a decent picture of ourselves, chances are that it's out of focus or something odd is going on in the background. Just like in these 18 photos.

Take a look, and try not to cry with laughter or cringe at the awkward illusions created by the chaos going on in the background. These people really should have checked the image more thoroughly before posting them online. Never have I ever appreciated the power of the camera to capture a moment of time more than now...

1. She was okay in the end

2. Er... what exactly is going on here?

3. A game of Beer Pong gets X-rated

4. What's going on back there?

5. Err... lady? There's a tiny jockey on your back

6. Good close up of the nostrils there

7. Thanks for the protein-packed lunches, grandma

8. Having a nice time at the zoo until...

9. Don't mind me, just quenching my thirst over here

10. Bullseye

11. This dude just steals the spotlight

12. Hmm... I've never seen that kind of design at at IKEA

13. What a lovely, couple pic in the fall- oh! Never mind...

14. Questionable parenting

15. Just casually...

16. No-one was ready

17. When you gotta go, you gotta go

18. "I won't ever forget this moment"

Thank you, internet for bringing us your delightfully cringe-worthy goods. If you barely batted an eyelid to any of these A) there's something wrong with you and B) maybe you should take a look at these hilarious reactions to Melania Trump's creepy AF White House Christmas decorations. Go on, I dare you not to laugh.