18 Tweets you will definitely relate to if you're an introvert

18 Tweets you will definitely relate to if you're an introvert

People who are more introverted than extroverted can often feel a bit misunderstood. Some people find it odd that you'd rather stay home on a Saturday night, drinking tea and reading a book in the bath than going to the party you were invited to, (it sounds great to me).

It's probably because people are more drawn to the funny, loud extroverts in the room, whose energy and excitement is far more entertaining than the introverts, who are looking around for where the dog could be hiding. We naturally pay more attention to extroverts because of the attention they command, and it can often make introverts feel more insecure.

To help others understand what it's like, here are 18 tweets from introverts that show the reality of being in their head:

1. It can take some time

2. A+ for you, professor

3. Don't take it personally

4. It's most social events, tbh

5. See?

6. We'd much rather be doing this

7. And therefore saying this

8. Just so we can avoid feeling like this

9. And because it's actually draining

10. Like, seriously

11. Pretty much

12. So just please respect our need for alone time

13. When there are strange people at your house

14. Or when you have to call someone

15. These frequently asked questions

16. Meeting someone special is really special

17. When you know, you know

18. You just both get it

While some situations can make you feel a little anxious, being an introvert doesn't necessarily mean you hate people all the time. Even if you're a full-on extrovert, maybe you should try the other end of the spectrum – you'll experience things with different eyes and see what it's like not to be the centre of attention. It pays to be reflective sometimes.