20 Of the funniest wrong number texts to ever grace the face of the planet

20 Of the funniest wrong number texts to ever grace the face of the planet

There's not many things in life that are more embarrassing than getting a wrong number. Whether it's via text or on the phone, you instantly feel flustered and panic when you get that dreaded "I think you have the wrong number, sorry" response. You'll either hang up without saying bye, or simply ignore the text, delete the messages and chuck your phone in the nearest fire. However, while most these conversations are pretty swift and go by without incident, the same can't be said for the below.

Take a look at 20 of the funniest wrong number texts, but be warned; some of them will make you cringe.

1. That's just cruel

2. Defo wasn't what he was expecting

3. Ahh yes, just chillin with my shirt off and pouting

4. I want to know the context of this story

5. They are being selfish to be fair

6. I mean, this is kind of insulting?

7. This is just lovely

8. Someone doesn't like their mom

9. No longer momma's little girl

10. Kaylee sounds like she's in trouble

11. I mean, that's one way of getting over a relationship

12. That's... that's not a cat?

13. I don't even want to know what this is about

14. Holy s**t look at that Cantaloupe!

15. I would love to have seen this unfold

16. Tight nipples? What?

17. When in doubt, send baby Cage

18. Don't have a cow, man

19. Pete sounds like a jerk

20. Not all heroes wear capes

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While it can be extremely embarrassing messaging a complete stranger due to having the wrong number, sometimes it can lead to some very funny moments, as many of these text messages show. Maybe we should all text a random number from time-to-time, who knows what the response will be?