20 LGBT college students reveal their struggles with coming out

20 LGBT college students reveal their struggles with coming out

Coming out must be one of the hardest thing that a young person has to do during the course of their life. Despite it being 2017, and the world being a supposedly more liberal place than it was previously, there still remains a stigma about homosexuality and some people still have trouble accepting and understanding the LGBTQ+ community.

Going to college is also one of the more strenuous times of a young person's life; having to deal with living independently, handling your own money and going through all the travails that consume that time of your life is enough for most young people to deal with. However, this time is only made harder when you are in the closet, as these people can testify to:

1. Everything is against this person

2. Nothing like family support

3. Take the leap

4. It can be very a very confusing time

5. Things will always get better

6. If they love you, it shouldn't be an issue

7. Believe in yourself!

8. You can do it, be brave

9. F**k their traditions, be you

10. It's always best to be open

11. Why should your sexuality affect your education?

12. Keep your head up

13. Your status gives you the chance to be a role model

14. Why not try and talk to her about things?

15. Religion can do more harm than good

16. It's a chance for a fresh start

17. Don't do everything your mom says

18. That sucks, but there's plenty more fish in the sea

19. These are all things to look forward to

20. Again, why should your sexuality block you from achieving your dreams?

I'm sure you will all agree, these people have got a serious dilemma on their hands. For many , they have some very difficult obstacles in their path which are blocking them from coming out of the closet. However, as a general rule, it's always better to be out in the open than to keep things inside. Things never work out as badly as you'd expect and coming to terms with who you are, and being comfortable with it, is one of the best things that you can do.