20 Men who look totally unrecognisable after shaving off their beards

20 Men who look totally unrecognisable after shaving off their beards

If you're the owner of a beard, you will know about Beard Separation Anxiety (BSA). BSA is a real thing and refers to the fear of having a wet shave and getting rid of the hair that has currently blossomed on your face. For many men, the fear is that they will look like a child, or they will be much more unattractive without their beard, which offers them comfort and warmth.

However, while I haven't had a wet shave in a number of years (although my beard hasn't reached wizard levels), some men have undergone the big chop, and the results are startling.

Check out these guys who went all-out in their facial transformations and see what you think of the their new looks.

1. He's got more of a babyface than a newborn child.

2. You're going to be much colder without the beard/hat combo!

3. The face of regret

4. Someone looks happy

5. Are you 40 or 14?

6. See above...

7. From lumberjack to Jack-the-lad

8. That cannot be the same person

9. Are you sure this isn't gender re-assignment surgery?

10. I think he should've kept the fourth look to be honest

11. A new style

12. Is this not a father/son duo?

13. If Jesus went to prison...

14. Does this man only have one facial expression?

15. This guy has gone from Gladiator to Soccer Dad

16. He still found the time to style his hair throughout the ordeal...

17. Even a small beard has a major effect

18. Do beards and hats go arm-in-arm or something?

19. Seem to have shaved the sleeves off your top as well 

20. You missed a bit pal!

Pretty shocking stuff, right? Anyway, what do you think: do these men look better with beards or without them?