20 Optical illusions that prove you can do anything with makeup

20 Optical illusions that prove you can do anything with makeup

When it comes to makeup, I'm about as capable of applying lipstick as I am at performing brain surgery - and I think it's fairly obvious that I'm no neurosurgeon. I wouldn't know a cat-eye from a tightline (no, seriously, I just had to Google it), and my only experience with highlighting is the kind you do on paper.

For me, seeing someone pull off a convincing contour is impressive enough; but these Instagram posts go way beyond that. Take a look at these optical illusions, and be prepared to have your own makeup skills put to shame...

1. Snapchat filter, or real life?

2. A masterpiece worthy of Salvador Dali.

3. If you have trypophobia, look away now.

4. This reminds me of my makeup after a big night out.

5. He's done a cracking job of this.

6. Forget smoky eyes, smoky lips are the new thing.

7. This leg is a cut above the rest.

8. She's got her eye on you. And that one. And the other one.

9. I've heard of fierce looks, but this one takes the cake.

10. 2D, or not 2D? That is the question.

11. I get it. BUT WHY?

12. Holey smokes, this one is amazing.

13. Makeup isn't just for the face.

14. We all have that one snakey friend.

15. Never buy shoes again with this one simple trick.

16. Chestburster or Facehugger?

17. It's what's inside that counts.

18. Some fine handiwork here.

19. Makeup like this takes real brains to plan out.

20. This artist is heading for greatness.

Obviously most of these are way too complicated for the average Joe like you and I, but there's still time to get some practice in before Halloween. And, if you manage to pull it off, you'll be the life (or death in the case) of the party .