22 Design fails that you won't believe actually happened

22 Design fails that you won't believe actually happened

Aside from the Mona Lisa, the sound of a baby's laughter, and that feeling you get when you separate an Oreo in half with all the cream on one side, very few things in life are perfect. Some things come close, I guess - like maybe seeing your partner on your wedding day, or boiling just the right amount of pasta - but it doesn't happen often.

Imperfect things, on the other hand, happen all the time. Look around you right now, and I can guarantee you'll notice something that's damaged or wonky or simply not very aesthetically pleasing. I could make a joke here about looking in a mirror, but I won't.

Some of these badly-designed things transcend imperfection, however, and earn themselves the label of being downright wrong. Perfectionists beware, then, because here's 22 design flaws that are so bad you might feel a bit unwell...

1. I'm getting mixed messages here

2. Ah yes, that famous animal: the jeopard

3. Die for success (or live trying?)

4. Is that a pencil in your pants or are you just pleased to see me?

5. J*zz addict and proud

6. At midnight she turns back into a giraffe 

7. Come again?

8. I suggest you rethink this

9. To be fair, the packets of cigarettes also tell you not to smoke

10. When life gives you lemons... make orange juice?

11. No thank you

12. I mean, I knew he could shoot webs from his wrist, but this is going too far

13. This doesn't say what they think it says

14. You couldn't have put it the other way around?

15. Maybe the guy just has long hair and the girl is kinda hench

16. You had ONE job

17. Actually I wanted the 3st floor

18. Anally what?

19. Happy birtday, here's your preset

20. Good luck getting home drunk

21. Um, ok?

22. That clears it up, thanks

Congratulations for making it to the end without your head exploding. Not many people could have handled that. Now what are you waiting for? Go grab some lemons and make yourself some orange juice.