28 Side boob tattoos so perfect you'll just have to get one

28 Side boob tattoos so perfect you'll just have to get one

Tattoos have become a staple of hipster culture of late. Seriously, take a stroll through any trendy area of town and you're bound to see some bespectacled, bearded gents sporting some seriously swish tattoos. Whilst getting whole tattoo sleeves has come back into vogue, more and more women are choosing to get their tats in a more unconventional place... on their side boob. Yes, you heard me right - but don't judge, when done right, the results can be stunning. 

I mean, just take a look at these images - they're bound to leave you feeling inspired:

1. We love this design 

2. This tattoo holds symbolic significance for this woman 

3. This is so delicate and pretty 

4. This took a lot of attention to detail  

5.  We love the colours in this tattoo 

6. This combination comes together perfectly 

7. This is squidtastic 

8. This tattoo is clearly inspired by abstract art 

9. This black and white tattoo really makes a statement 

10. This watercolour-esque tat is truly original 

11. Well this is, er, unique 

12. This tattoo is inspired by henna art 

13. Feeling floral? This one's for you! 

14. This is adorable 

15. The perfect reminder 

16. Subtle but significant 

17. Tribal style tattoos are coming back with a bang 

18. "New York" 

19. This is clearly inspired by Beauty and the Beast 

20. This tat certainly makes an impact 

21. This tattoo is too cute to handle 

22. We love this lotus mandala

23. This is so dainty

24. What a wee elephant!

25. Ooh...

26. We love the colours on this tat 

27. Love the detail here 

28. You can't beat having an adorable pup on your side boob now, can you? 

Well, I don't know about you, but I think it's time to pay a trip to the tattoo parlour.

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