Cartoonist perfectly captures all the annoying things about being a woman

Cartoonist perfectly captures all the annoying things about being a woman

There are so many things only people of the female variety know about. Like the mysterious ways of the humble bobby pin. Boob sweat in summer. The caution one must take after committing to wearing lipstick for the day. There's a host of irritating, infuriating little things that only women experience. We ladies are subject to an often unspoken world of trivialities and problems, a kind of secret language that not everyone can understand. But, we all know about it.

And Cassandra Calin knows. The 22-year-old Romanian lives in Montreal, Canada and works as a freelance cartoonist, illustrator and graphic designer. Her Instagram page is full of amazing cartoons that capture all the silly little things women have to deal with, and it's perfect.

She says her webcomic series is semi-autobiographical, where the cartoons are about her "everyday life, personal experiences and first world problems". She says that most of her ideas come from her own experiences and things that happened to her. "I tend to write them in a notebook and then pick whichever ones I find particularly funny," she writes on Tumblr.

Here are 15 of the best from Cassandra's collection.

1. So true it hurts

2. Stay skeptical, ladies

3. Just... WHY?

4. Sexy mermaid? Nah-uh

5. Ahhh, finally I can be myself

6. Tactical ice-cream is the way to go

7. It's always the case

8. But it's not even worth it during winter

9. Seasonal adjustments

10. Every bite is a risk

11. Punctual as ever, Aunty Flo

12. It's a difficult time, okay?

13. There's always one spot

14. You guys don't even know half the time...

15. Tell me where you find these spotless mirrors, tell me!

You've hit the nail on the head, girl. Keep it up.