Christmas tree brows are the must-have festive trend for December

Christmas tree brows are the must-have festive trend for December

Of all the crazy things that happened this year, one of the more bizarre areas of interest was that of eyebrow trends. In recent years, the likes of Cara Delivigne and other bushy-browed ladies made everyone find a new kind of appreciation for the little hairy tuffs above our eyes, and began taking to them with more care. But things got a bit out of hand, and now more than just incorporating them into beauty routines, people are just getting plain weird with their eyebrows.

2017 brought us squiggle brows, braided brows and ponytail brows. Then we had carved brows, barbed wire brows and even the absolutely ludicrous McDonald's brows.

Now that the festive season is well and truly upon us, it's no surprise that people would be getting creative and try as hard as they might to get something Christmas-themed up in their brows.

We've got tinsel brows:

Santa hat brows:

And Santa hat ON brows:

And now, there's something new entirely. Something much more creative and requiring far more ornaments than any brow trend we've seen to date. I introduce to you: Christmas tree brows.


I never would've thought it possible to get an interpretation of the evergreen conifers we put in our living rooms and cover with ornaments onto an eyebrow. But, as we can see, it can be done. The Christmas tree brows feature two trees, in fact, on their side and covered in ornaments topped with a gold star.

Just like the beard ornaments doing the rounds on the internet lately, it's perfect for those of you who felt like they missed out on decorating a tree this year on account of their overzealous mother who jumped the gun or your surly housemates who refuse to oblige having one in your flat. So how do you do it?

Well, start off with a feather brow, one of the aforementioned trends you should know by now. Part your eyebrow with a brush, smear some gel or wax over the hairs, and then spread and shape the hairs into little branches. Once the shape is fir-like, it's time to decorate.

The look comes thanks to Instagrammer Taylor K, who is Canadian-born but is currently living in Hong Kong. She's been blogging makeup and hair tutorials since 2012, and now has 320,000 followers on Instagram. Her Christmas tree brow look has proven popular with other makeup aficionados, who've replicated the look using their own style of ornaments. I mean, isn't that the whole joy of decorating your own tree?

These enviable brows have super long branches:

While these are even coloured in:

These have little silver stars on top:

But these take the cake – Christmas tree brows complete with functional fairy lights:

To be honest, I think these are a little OTT. But whatever, these will probably be the last of these whacky brow trends for the year. Unless... firework brows. Uh oh.