The most common reason people cheat on their partner

The most common reason people cheat on their partner

There is never an excuse for cheating, but unfortunately it is something that is very common in modern relationships. If you have been cheated on, you will have also heard the bulls**t reason as to why your partner did it as well. For some people it's because they were drunk and lost all sense of control, for others it's down to the fact that they just couldn't help but get with that hot person off their Instagram feed.

However, a new survey suggests there is also another key reason as to why people may cheat on their partner, and it's pretty surprising.

According to research done by Superdrug Online Doctor, a person's gender could have a significant reason as to their reason for cheating. In a survey which polled over 2,000 American and European men and women, it was revealed that the reason behind people's infidelity differs greatly between the two genders.

When asked for their reasons why they strayed in their relationship, the participants who identified as female in the US and Europe pretty much gave the same answer: They felt like their partner wasn't giving them the attention and affection that they needed.

The other answers that women gave differed a little bit, but included that the person they cheated with was there for them, that the other person was hot, and that they were having doubts about their relationship at the time of cheating.

But when people who identified as male were asked the same question, their answer was completely different. Both European and American men said that the top reason they cheated on their partners was because they thought that the other person was hot.

The other top reasons men gave as to why they cheated on their partner were because they weren't having enough sex, people were hitting on them when they were out, and the person that they cheated with was there for them.

Based on the findings of this survey, it seems that men cheat for more physical reasons, while for women, it's about the emotional side of things. Men also said that they find it hard to resist when someone is publicly hitting on them, which the authors claim shows that women have more self-control than men do.

The study also asked the same people about the time when they felt like they had pushed the limits of what you're allowed to do in a relationship, but didn't cheat. They found that women were generally more likely to get close to someone emotionally, or spoon them. Men, however, were more likely to have sex or engage in heavy petting but say that it wasn't cheating.

While these results don't apply to every relationship in the world, they are an interesting insight into the minds of men and women. If you're partner has been unfaithful, then these answers may help you to get your head around their reasons why. Still, it's not forgivable and you're better than them, so dump them!